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Accounting: General Accounting

For students in this program and for students taking other classes in Accounting

Information to Page

This guide is good for students in the Accounting program.  The books presented in this page will be useful for students in the following classes:

  1. Financial Accounting I & II
  2. Intermediate Accounting I & II
  3. Computerized

For other accounting classes consult the next tab, entitled "Specialized Accounting"


Useful Periodical Titles

This is just a sampling of what is available for the students to use for study or research.  

E-Books from OhioLINK

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives the researcher/student some basics to start their research off.  Please utilize the databases listed for more in-depth research.

Nexis Uni

Useful Databases

Use our Gateway Search to search all of our databases or choose a specific database to narrow your search. Below are a few specific databases that you may want to try. For resources or assistance searching our databases please go to the Help tab.