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Business Management: Researching a Specific Business

Here is the landing place for all students who are pursuing this no matter what foci track they are on.

Basic information about page

Sometimes in some of your courses, you'll be asked to research the background or workings of a certain business or industry. Here are some resources to find what you need there.  Sometimes merely searching the Gateway Search Discovery Layer by encasing the business in quotations, like "General Motors" but if you are running into some roadblocks or have so much coming at you in the Discovery Layer and need to make more surgical and meaningful searches, here are some resources for you.  Moreover, if you're researching a business that's more "Mom and Pop" you may want to look up, via a Google search some local businesses that match your query and perhaps call them and interview them to find out more information. 

Some useful Databases

Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni is an easy-to-use academic search engine. It delivers relevant content that makes scholarly research more efficient, and it provides personalization, discovery, and collaboration features that students and university faculty want in an academic research tool.

Additional Databases that Could have some information

If you are looking to research information in a specific industry or trying to exhaust all avenues, you could attempt to find information in these databases as well.

List of Publications

In the library webpage, under Online Research Tools, you could find the link for Publication Finder (a searchable source for all the journal/magazine titles that the databases holds). Click on that. Then there are a few paths you could take, if you know the exact title you need, you could enter it in the search bar.  Though if you are looking for the journal titles for a specific industry, click on Browse Subjects and you could scroll around to find journals related to the industry your business exists in.  For example, if you're searching Boeing, their are many publications relating to the Airline Industry. Otherwise, listed below are links for some journals you definitely want to check into or a listing of some other suggestions.

  • Consumer Demographics and Behaviors
  • FDA Consumer
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Voice
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Consumer Comments
  • Journal of Consumer Affairs
  • Journal of Consumer Culture
  • Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
  • In Business
  • Family Business
  • Business and Society
  • Business Magazine
  • Business People
  • Service Business
  • Business Wire
  • Business Quarterly