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To aid students in various classes with some brainstorming and basic research guides on some current events topics.


In some classes, you will be required to write a paper on various current events topics, either assigned by the instructor or chosen by you.  This guide cannot at all come close to comprehensiveness with every issue covered.  It will attempt to provide the researcher with a basic gist through six key areas with some basic ebooks to get the research started and a listing of books we have in our own collection to keep in mind.  It will also provide a listing of topics that can possibly reside under that area.

Keep in mind though, several of these topics are very broad, so use the "Research starter" generated for you via the databases to narrow your topic even further or start the brainstorming process.  


Please utilize the databases listed for more in-depth research.


The databases that you use will be predicated sometimes on the topic you choose.  Use our Gateway Search to search all of our databases or choose a specific database to narrow your search. Rely on our A-Z database listing to help you choose the database right for your topic. Either way, here are two or three general ones which can be useful to you.