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Criminal Justice: General Information

This guide is intended for students in that program plus there is added material for those in the police academy.

Introduction to Guide

This guide is meant to follow the student through the Criminal Justice Program.  It is designed according to the grid found in the College Catalog.  this page acts as a landing page for the student with general information good for every class.  Books will be located under each subtab in their respective classes.  

Useful books

Here are two useful books good for all students in the program.

Useful Databases

Use our Gateway Search to search all of our databases or choose a specific database to narrow your search. Below are a few specific databases that you may want to try. For resources or assistance searching our databases please go to the Help tab.

Nexis Uni Guide

E-Book Links

Please utilize the databases listed for more in-depth research.

BlueBook Useful websites

Though Nexis Uni does some of the work for you.  You still need to learn how to cite according to BlueBook standards.  I have found that these two websites provide a great guide.