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Citation & Writing Guide: APA 7th Ed.

This Guide is intended to help students with various aspects of the general writing process from citation and formatting in both APA and MLA , Grammar, Plagiarism.


The APA Style is a writing style developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) that is used in many disciplines. The APA is one of the three most used styles here at EGCC. The following are some resources that can help introduce you to APA style.  

If your major uses the APA style, we recommend bookmarking the APA Style website and obtaining a copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association by APA. These resources contain the official APA standards and procedures for the APA Style. 


Looking for the Old APA page, find it here:


Getting Started with APA Style

Learn the basics of APA Style with the following tutorials and videos. Many of the following resources are produced by the American Psychological Association. These resources in addition to some others that we found particularly useful can help you develop a better understanding of the APAwriting style, citation requirements and paper formatting. 

This guide has a number of subpages that will explain the various elements to the APA Style. Feel free to read through the entire APA Guide or use the following links to jump to a section. 

APA 7 Templates & Sample Paper

APA Workshop Resources

Below you will find the Video Recording and Slides from our MLA Workshop. 

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Live Workshops

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Boost Your Writing Skills

Are you looking for more writing help and practice? 

Sign-up (free through the library) for a Gale Presents: Peterson's Test & Career Prep account to access a number of great tutorials that can help you improve your writing skills. Your free account will allow you to track your progress and save where you left off. 

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APA Style Books & Guides Available In Our Print Collection

Online Citation Generators

There are a number of quality citation generators available on the internet today. Below is one that we've found helpful.