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Sociology: Research Resources

General guide for students in different sociology classes.


Research projects are required in various Sociology classes. This guide is meant to serve as a basis for research, not as a comprehensive guide to all aspects of sociology.  It's meant to be a research starter for the student.  

In the Introduction to Sociology class especially, students are expected to complete a final project on any subfield within sociology. Most of the students are interested in contemporary research findings in the following areas:
1. Collective behavior
2. Sociology of religion (You may want to consult the Current Issues Guide, Religion Page)
3. Criminal justice/social justice issues( mainly the question of racial justice) (You may want to consult on the Criminal Justice Guide or African-American History Guide Antiracism resources) 
4. Sociology of the family (You may want to consult on the Social Work Guide and the Family and Marriage page)
(NOTE: These ideas are ONLY supposed to jog your mind.  It's not a limitations on the parameters of the assignment.  Please discuss all topic matters with your professor.)


This list is by no means exhaustive.  It gives the researcher/student some basic ideas to get their research started.

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This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives the researcher/student some basics to start their research off.  Please utilize the databases listed for more in-depth research.

Useful Databases

Use our Gateway Search to search all of our databases or choose a specific database to narrow your search. Below are a few specific databases that you may want to try. For resources or assistance searching our databases please go to the Help tab.